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Bio-Energetic Healing - Reiki

Bio-energetics is a comprehensive Mind/Body/Spirit technique. Some may refer to this as Reiki, Pranic Healing or Energy Work. The practioner works with body energetically allowing for full consideration of the role emotions, stress, trauma, beliefs and even generational patterning play in the physical manifestation of illness, dis-ease and aging. As cutting-edge science and physics inform us, "Everything is energy". For more information see article below explaining how everything is energy.

Bio-energetics uses life sustaining energy of the Universe, sometimes called Prana, Qi, life energy, electromagnetic field, etc., to balance the energy body on a quantum level and create healing. The practitioner helps stimulate the immune system, so the body can heal. 

The practitioner does not heal or diagnose illnesses and only acts as a facilitator working within the biofield through hands on and hands off techniques. Only the body is capable of healing itself. Bio-Energeticsis a gentle process, and is compatible with psychotherapy, chiropractic, massage and other forms of healing. In fact, such combinations can create a synergy that enhances and speeds the healing process.

Why Chose Bio-Energetics

• Release emotional and physical blocks
• Let go of tension and reduce stress
• Free yourself of limiting habits and beliefs
• Heal the effects of past traumas
• Get unstuck and get moving
• Know yourself more deeply
• Alleviate depression and anxiety

Bio-Energetics is a powerful and exciting approach to healing. This profound process communicates directly with the body’s unconscious wisdom and energy, to unlock the doors that are blocking the health and well-being that is our ideal state. Most of the roots of dis-ease and imbalance in our lives can be traced to outdated emotional ties to the past, and Bioenergy Balancing is a process that allows us to discover and release those ties.

Bio-Energetics is a synthesis of Eastern and Western medicine. To understand the process, we begin with physics: physicists now know that the atoms that make up our bodies are actually more space and energy than physical substance. For true healing to occur, the energy that creates and organizes our physical bodies must be in balance. Our "bioenergy" (the Chinese call it "chi") flows through our bodies along pathways called meridians. This energy is profoundly influenced by our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and intentions.When we feel helpless or unable to fully experience an emotionally charged event, the unresolved feelings tend to get stuck, held in our bodies and in our energy field as we defend ourselves from emotional or physical pain. This causes a block in the flow of energy through the meridian system. Years later, we may still be holding that old defense, responding to similar events in an emotionally outdated way, and unknowingly creating physical, emotional and spiritual imbalance.

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